Topic 1 of Introduction to EA: Definitions of Enterprise Architecture Copy

Part 1:

Sinag Solutions has been serving organizations since 2012 using the Enterprise Architecture framework of the Open Group called TOGAF.

Your trainer, Francis Uy, has had various Enterprise Architecture roles over the years from Solution Architect for Marketing Solutions, to Enterprise Architect for Government and Educational Institutions.

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Part 2:

Digital Transformation has been around for many years, with the combined learning and wisdom of past and present practitioners, we hope to curate and bring to you the best framework, content, and case studies to support your role in guiding the business towards a successful Digitalization.

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Part 3:

Defining the right scope for the Enterprise is the first clarity that you will need to have as an EA.

Are you architecting the entire conglomerate, the company, the business unit, or the function?

Depending on the scope, the breadth and depth of the Architecture work will be different. It must be noted, however, that while the first Architecture work will be difficult due to the lack of other reference architectures to re-use, the next ones usually will be easier to execute.

Part 4:

An Enterprise can be likened to a car or a city with multiple components all working together to achieve the same goal.

You could say that Enterprise Architecture is about ensuring that the various components of your enterprise are understood vis-a-vis their performance or non-performance towards certain goals. This understanding will then ensure that plans or roadmaps are put in place in order to operate excellently.