Post Event: Intro to Digital Transformation through Enterprise Architecture


“Digital is the way!” – Francis Uy, 2021

Digital transformation is a very broad topic, and it covers a number of different types of initiatives. But, what it boils down to: is changing how a business interacts with customers and employees using technology; and also using technology to significantly improve internal processes, by making them more efficient.

Why is digital transformation so important? Now that digital transformation permeates our daily lives, business executives no longer have to wonder if it’s worth it. To win business in today’s fast-moving digital landscape, companies big and small must rethink their strategies to digitize, digitalize and digitally transform. Digital transformation requires a holistic approach to elevate internal business practices and customer experience.

Our webinar touched on the different mistakes to avoid when delivering Digital Transformation initiatives, while presenting real life case studies of successful DT projects. With the recently conducted webinar, we are now sharing a copy of the webinar recording for our participants and interested parties to watch and learn from.

Should you be interested in learning more, we are also offering our 3-week online program for Digital Transformation Leaders. The next session for the program will be on April 27, 2021.

For more information, you can visit our website:

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