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The world is constantly in motion and as it turns, things evolve.
Innovation affects our everyday lives and also pushes industry leaders further to the top!
What is often obscure and very unclear is what digitization, innovation, and change mean to the systems, that operate effective business ecosystems.  With change being the only real constant, how can you manage to stay on top of it?

Unleash your transformation potential with ADOIT!

ADOIT provides you with everything you need to get your EA initiative started in no time.  It creates a competitive advantage through digital advantage.

Agile. Sustainable. Better.



A New Era in Enterprise Architecture

Watch how to benefit from your digital advantage through EA with ADOIT.

Designed To Make Your Challenges Easy

Break down silos & reduce transformation complexity

Define a digital blueprint of your enterprise and get clarity on how the different moving parts work together. Discover all your cross-functional dependencies, minimise miscommunication and realise the business strategy more efficiently.

Get your business-IT alignment done

Create comprehensive capability models, get a holistic picture of your business, provide valuable insights into how it operates, and deliver the right IT solutions with real impact on business outcomes.

Make smarter business decisions faster

Analyse your organisation from top to bottom and gain full visibility on where your enterprise stands. Extend data-driven findings to key decision makers and empower better-informed investment and transformation strategies.

Allocate organizational assets more efficiently

Grasp the full extent of your enterprise portfolio, assess your assets efficiently, and eliminate redundancies to maintain optimal operability and ensure sustainable utilisation of resources.

Increase enterprise agility

Foster smarter decision-making and accelerate your organization’s adaptability to disruptive industry forces through understanding the impact of change and diligently managing inter-dependencies across the enterprise.

Reduce costs & maximize value

Evaluate your enterprise portfolio, identify redundancies and streamline resources to avoid duplicate efforts, cut down unnecessary expense and make room for new investments.

Improve governance of your organizational assets

Get a comprehensive overview and gain insights into your entire portfolio of assets. Create, manage and maintain your enterprise assets sustainably through carefully analysing the relations and synergies between them.

Design & deliver your best future architecture

Assess your architecture of today, know how your organisation operates, and identify opportunities for improvement. Use those insights to conceptualise your desired target architecture, and plan and steer your organisation’s transformation process.

ADOIT Is One Of A Kind

Smart insights

Eye-opening analysis

Architecture Time Machine

Incredibly Simple & Quick to Start

ArchiMate Fit for Business

Co-Architecting on the go


And so much more.

From blueprints to data-driven decisions, using ADOIT is the best way to create a digital twin of your enterprise. It’s perfectly intuitive, incredibly capable, and extremely flexible. All at once. It’s the ultimate way to do EA.

Personalise your EA experience. Tailor the ArchiMate metamodel to your needs, add corporate branding, and more. You decide. We make it happen.

Ensure quick, clean and safe migration of all your architectural data from other platforms into ADOIT.

Pick between on-premise and SaaS deployments, and find a perfect mix of individual / floating user licenses, to match your organisation’s needs.

Create your organization’s digital blueprint smarter and faster, relying on proven best practices, predictive modeling assistant, drag & drop, automatic validation & more!

Promote cross-functional collaboration. Engage different stakeholders. Co-architect with other teams. And share any architectural information in a blink.

Illustrate how your teams’ goals tie into your target architecture to stimulate architectural thinking and encourage your teams to challenge the status quo.

Leverage endless graphical analysis possibilities. Turn data into actionable insights. And facilitate fact-based decision making across the enterprise.

Enhance your ADOIT through versatile integrations possibilities. Enrich and underpin your architecture designs with real business data.

Awarded for their commitment to excellence

Leverage Enterprise Architecture to Outpace Your Competition With ADOIT
– Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader in EA 2021.
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