2021 Recap: University Finance and Supply Chain Solution Architecture Work

University Finance and Supply Chain Solution Architecture 

A University is undergoing digital transformation and is replacing its legacy applications in the areas of Finance and Supply Chain. With the introduction of new, and more advanced technologies, the university foresees that it would also have an impact on the way the university conducts its operations, as well as, on the organizational structure that would support the new processes. A massive project such as this one requires close collaboration across the different departments.

Sinag Solutions was engaged as the university’s Enterprise Architect as well as the Solution Architect for the Finance and Supply Chain domain. The solution architecture team was tasked to ensure that the Process, People, and Technology aspects of the transformation were properly governed. Advisory was also a key responsibility of the solution architecture team to provide guidance and best practices in terms of the risks and issues that the project encountered.

The solution architecture team was able to come up with the recommended target organizational structure for the Office of the Chief Finance Officer that can support the demands of the new processes of the organization. Along with the new organizational structure, the solution architecture team also provided recommendations on new target Key Performance Indicators for the Office of the Chief Finance Officer. The solution architecture team also ensured alignment among the processes of the Finance and Supply Chain domain and the processes that have linkages with the domain. The policies governing the processes are keenly governed to ensure that it doesn’t new processes being established do not contradict the existing university policies. Advisory was also provided by the solution architecture team on navigating through the limitations of the new system and still coming up with an effective process design that would meet the objectives of the organization. Recommendations on integration design were also raised to further improve efficiency by eliminating unnecessary manual handovers. Overall, the work encompassed Process, People, and Technology.

Sinag Solutions’ solution architecture engagement with the university resulted in the ERP system for Finance and Supply Chain being implemented and adopted by the users.

University Finance and Supply Chain L5 Documentation

A University client sought to create a level five (L5) process documentation to ensure that the implementation of the Finance and Supply Chain ERP is implemented with quality.  An L5 document resembles an operations manual. The intent of it is to guide both the old and new employees on how to execute the processes.

This University partnered with Sinag Solutions to create this massive documentation. The content includes various university policies that govern the processes, manual tasks of the actors in each process, and the system instructions which complete the procedure on how to execute the work.

To systematically craft a detailed document, the L5 Documentation team, first sought alignment and approval on the template and contents of the L5 document from the Project Steering Committee of the university. After reaching an agreement on the format, the team started to create the L5 process documentation for all the target state processes identified for the Finance and Supply Chain domain. For each activity in a process, a corresponding policy was paired to allow the key users of the L5 document to better understand the rationale on why a certain activity should be done. For activities that were done using applications, the system instructions were defined to better guide the users on the ERP system. For activities done offline or outside the system, the L5 documentation team interviewed process owners to detail the steps needed to perform the work completely and correctly.

At the end of the engagement, the L5 documentation team had created L5 process documentation for all 123 Finance and Supply Chain processes of the Finance and Supply Chain domain These documents were turned over to the internal project team of the client to document the continuous improvements made in the processes of the university.

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